Trip to Irish Manufacturing Research Lab

Following our recent win of the Tindercad 3D challenge competition  which was organised in partnership with the Enterprise Fablab@Creative Spark  3rd and 4th  class  won a trip to work with technology in the  Irish Manufacturing Research Lab in Mullingar.

So on Friday 5th May, the pupils  along with their teachers  were full of excitement and anticipation as they headed over to Mullingar.

There they were met by Isabel who showed them around the impressive research Lab.

They got to see numerous 3-D printers and discussed the world of manufacturing and research.

The pupils were fascinated by the robotic arms and even had a “Beat the Robotic Arm” competition.Naturally it was the robotic arm that came out on top despite the best efforts of everyone!

The world of VR/AR were discussed and experienced by the pupils.

Pupils  were put into groups and  worked on an engineering project. They had to design a package within certain measurements and price limits to wrap a biscuit well which was to be posted back to the school.The pupils took on various roles in the group and worked collaboratively in completing this challenge.

We look forward to receiving them in the post next week.The winning team will be the one whose package kept the biscuit nice and fresh!

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their unique experience at the Irish Manufacturing Research Lab and would like to thank Isabel and her team for their hospitality and making their day there such a wonderful and memorable experience.