Parent Association

The Association was established in 1987 to 

  • ·Represent the views of parents.
  • Inform parents of developments in education and in the school.
  • Foster a sense of community between parents, teachers and school management
  • Assist the school, its management, staff and pupils.
  • Organising Santa at Christmas,the Holy Communion tea,the 6th class Presentation night and various fundraising events

All parents/guardians of children in the school are automatically members of the Parent Association. However each year the Parent Association elects a committee  to organise the work and activities of the Parent Association. The Association is affiliated to the National Parents Council Primary.


There is a strong tradition of parental involvement in Doohamlet N.S. which has contributed greatly to the success of the school. The association welcomes all parents to the association and look forward to them becoming actively involved in it’s work on behalf of their child/children.

Members of the Parents’ Association 2021-2022

Here’s how you can contact the Parent Association;

  • by email (
  • by letter through the school, in a sealed envelope marked ‘Private & Confidential, The Parent Association, co/ The Secretary.
  • by contacting any of our committee members directly.