Christmas Carol Service

Nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit quite like a Christmas Carol service .This was particularly evident this year as the staff and pupils hosted a very special carol service in the local church on Tuesday evening 17th December.

Following weeks of rehearsals the children performed wonderfully as they sang numerous well known Christmas carols.They were accompanied on keyboard by the very talented Carmel Mc Givney.

The story of the First Christmas was narrated by numerous children in the form of scriptural readings,poems and prayer.The Junior infants dressed in their costumes were delightful as they played the roles of various nativity characters.

It was a wonderful evening with the church packed to capacity by parents,grandparents and family members.

We were delighted to have  Canon Connolly and Fr. Mc  Donnell  in attendance.

It was a wonderful evening reminding us of  the joy and true meaning  of Christmas.


Photos of children during rehearsals