Assembly To Mark Canon Connolly’s 90th Birthday

To mark Canon Connolly’s 90th birthday a special assembly was held in the school on Wednesday 28th November.

Canon   Connolly was born on the  27th of November  1928In 1948 he went to study to become a priest. After 7 years on the 19th of June 1955, he was ordained a priest. In April 1984 he was made parish priest in Doohamlet.

Although retired since 2004 Canon Connolly is still actively involved in carrying out his priestly duties.

Canon Connolly loves to visit our school. He knows the names of so many pupils at All Saints’  and has baptised many of the children.  His visits are always very special and inspiring.

Therefore it was very fitting for the staff and children to celebrate this special occasion.

The children expressed their appreciation for Canon Connolly by writing beautiful best wishes, stories, and poems for him which were put on display.

Following the assembly, Canon Connolly was presented with a beautiful clock on a wooden cross along with a cake and card that was created by a group of pupils.

To conclude light refreshments were served for our special guests and members of the community who were in attendance.

The whole School Community would like to wish Canon Connolly many more years enriched with good health, happiness, and every blessing.